Myrtle Beach Rv without power on GFCI circuit

Ever had a GFCI receptacle that wouldn’t reset? Here is a couple of things to check out before spending the money to have a professional come out to look at it.

1. Do you have power coming into your camper? If you do not have any power coming into the camper (some examples: shore cord or generator)  then the breaker will not reset.

2. Also, check to make sure none of the breakers in the breaker panel have been tripped.

3. See if there is anything plugged into any of those receptacles? If so, then unplug them and try to reset the breaker. Often times, it is an issue in a component that is plugged in. If nothing is plugged in and the GFCI receptacle will still not reset then it is usually a bad receptacle.

Anything beyond these three self-checks, it is probably in your best interest to have RV Rescue or another professional come out and diagnose the problem.

Please feel free to contact RV Rescue if you have any question or concern. It may just save you a few extra dollars!


– RV Rescue

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